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Origin of Names

 Nakal - Meaning "Mischievous" in Indonesian/Malay

 Miedo - Meaning "Fear" in Spanish 

 Timore - Meaning "Terror" in Latin 

What is a Nakali?

   Nakalis are small, mischievous spirits who enjoys inflicting fear to those who encounter them. A Female Nakali is called a Miedo while a male Nakali is called a Timore and, other than mating and having an offspring, there are four ways a Nakali can be born.
   Nakalis also has different abilities. They have the ability to shape-shift into any living creature, telekinesis and the ability to posses things.

Origin of Nakalis

  Nakalis are born from any type of fear.
  Nightmares are the most common way a Nakali can be born, this is because nightmares are unplanned and you wouldn't know what to expect. Nightmares can also limit you, giving a bigger scare to the one who's stuck in it. (Ex: A murderer is chasing you, you keep tripping/you can't run) And most of the time, nightmares can represent what you fear the most, all these factors can give birth to a Nakali.
  Another way a Nakali can be born is through long lasting fears, such as phobias. The reason is because of how strong that fear is and how it can take a huge toll for someone. When someone has a phobia, they have a very strong sense of fear for that specific phobia. (Ex: If you have a fear of spiders, you would want to avoid spiders at any cost.) And once again, this fear can birth a Nakali.
  Nakalis can also be born if a large amount of fear is concentrated in one specific area. Similar to the other two ways of birth, the large amount of fear can become very strong when concentrated into one area. (Ex: When a large amount of people fear a house, nobody would want to go inside) Again, this type of fear can birth a Nakali.
  There is one last way a Nakali can be born, however this way of birth is very uncommon and can even be considered rare. This way of birth is through heart-jumping fears. Just like the name, this type of fear gives you a jump-scare that makes your heart jump. The reason why this type of birth is highly uncommon, or even rare, is because of how quick the fear can come and go. For a Nakali to be born this way, the fear would have to be so strong that it affects the one who got scared.
  • The stronger the sense of fear is, the more powerful and active the Nakali becomes.


   Nakalis are spirit, which means they can be considered immortal, but instead of dying, a Nakali simply disappears. There are a few ways a Nakali can disappear.
  One way for a Nakali to disappear is by starvation. If a Nakali doesn't consume enough fear, they will start to grow weak and less active, until they finally loose the energy to even exist.
   Another way for a Nakali to die is when the fear is gone. To a Nakali, fear is their life energy and way of nutrition, so for someone to overcome their fear, this will make the Nakali's life energy disappear.
   Because of this, Nakalis would scare someone, but not frequently. Since, if you are used to the Nakali's way of scaring, you will start to get used to it and thus, your fear will disappear along with the Nakali. Nakalis would also scare different people, this will give them the daily nutrition they need but also make sure to not make the mistake of making their way of scaring too frequent for one person.


  It's no surprise for Nakalis to fall in love with each other and make offspring!
  For a Miedo and a Timore to produce an offspring, they will concentrate both of their own fears (life energy) into a simple lock, for Miedos, and key, for Timores. All they have to do is to use the key to unlock the lock, this will combine both of the concentrated fears and create a baby. However, a baby Nakali simply looks like a floating ball of energy with two small eyes and a small mouth. This ball of energy follows the parent Nakalis around and gets fed from the Miedo.
  Once 1 month old, the baby Nakali will slowly start to form limbs however, the baby Nakali is still pure energy at this point. Yet, when the baby Nakali reaches 1 year old, they would have finally form into a human-shape and would start to have colour to their skin and eyes while they also start to grow hair.
  And when the baby reached 2 years old, they would look like a proper child, with colours, and hair. They would also start to grow small spirit orbs/small antlers on their head (Depending on the rarity). The baby would also start to gain more visible physical traits from the parent Nakalis.

Physical Appearance & Rarity

Spirit Orbs by Rina-Aka

Tail by Rina-Aka

Spirit Orbs & Tail:


  • Two spirit orbs on each side of the head
  • Transparent tail (Matches the colour of the spirit balls & Can be any type of animal tail)


  • Two spirit orbs filled with fear
  • Transparent tail filled with fear (Matches the colour of the fear in the spirit orbs & Can be any type of animal tail)


  • Crown of spirit balls filled with fear OR have antlers with spirit orbs attached
  • Transparent tail filled with fear & items that created the strong sense of fear (Ex: Coulrophobia --> Tail is filled with clown items & Can be any animal tail)

Eyes by Rina-Aka



  • The eyes can be any colour
  • Pupils can be any shape (Pupils can only be white)
  • Pupils can be similar to an animal (Ex: Eyes like a cat but has to match the tail)
  • Eyes can have "stitches"


  • The eyes can be any colour
  • Pupils can be any shape (Pupils must be white)
  • Pupils can be "hollow"
  • Eyes can be "cracked"


  • The eyes can be any colour
  • Pupils can be any shape (Pupils can be any colour)
  • Eyes can be filled with fear
  • Eyes can be cracked with fear seeping out

    Physical Traits by Rina-Aka
    Physical Traits:


    • Can have patterns that represents the strong sense of fear (Ex: Fear of spiders --> Pattern similar to a spider/spider web)
    • Can have a Dreamcatcher pattern anywhere on the body (This allows the Nakali to absorb any fear from dreams)


    • Can have a portal anywhere in the body (This portal can create nightmares)
    • Can have elements from a nightmare (Ex: Nightmare of a monster --> a part of the Nakali can have an physical element from the monster)


    • Some areas of the body can have elements of what created the strong sense of fear (Ex: Fear of needles --> Some areas of the body can have needles pierced into it)
    • There can also be a small gate located anywhere in the body. If opened, this gate releases an illusion of the strongest nightmare/phobia of the one who encounters the Nakali. (Ex: Fear of ghost --> The gate releases an illusion of a large amount of ghosts)

    This is a Semi-Open Species


        Since this is a new species I made, I will add starter rules. However, I will add onto the rules once I start making events and adopts.
    • Please ask me first before making your own Nakali.
    • You are allowed to make ONE Free Nakali with common traits.
    • Designs must be approved by me first. (You can note me the design or upload it to your and send it to me like that.)


    Rina-Aka's Profile Picture
    Rina ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
    Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
    (⌒ω⌒) |Rina|Mika|Philippines| (⌒ω⌒)

    Hi ! You can call me Rina (Or Mika)~!
    I enjoy drawing both traditionally and also digitally~! ^v^
    I'm a huge Vocaloid fan (*≧ω≦*) and I'm also an Otaku~
    Another thing about me is that I wanna start my own youtube channel (≧u≦)/

    I hope we can be friends!

    My To-Do List



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